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Bernelli 750 Sei

Here is a beautifully restored Bernelli six cylinder 750 Sei – finally finished after a year of hard work, with help from a number of sub-contractors, including Wheelwise!

Suzuki T250R

Here are before and after photos of a 247cc two-stroke aluminium twin1971 Suzuki T250R.

Quite a transformation, eh?



Completed under lockdown

It has been a tough time for us all and a difficult year to complete restoration projects  but here is a beautifully finished Kawasaki 400 S3A.




All that glitters is not gold!

We have just received some before and after photos of a Yamaha RD250 from one of our longstanding customers.

Before, it was painted gold but had been sadly neglected and defied the saying that “All that glitters is gold”.

After being beautifully restored, it is now a rich blue!

Yamaha RD250 after
Yamaha RD250 before restoration



A Rare One!

We have just been sent a series of photographs of a Kawasaki Z1B that has been painstakingly restored for the original owner who purchased it new in 1975. How many Z1s are still owned by the original keeper?

The bike was taken off the road in the 80s and an unsuccessful attempt was made to restore it in the 90s. The project has recently been taken over by one of our longstanding customers and, with help from his network of suppliers (which includes Wheelwise Engineering, of course!) and a lot of searching for parts, it now looks as good as new.

We hope you like the photograph as much as the owner loves his bike back from the dead!

Husqvarna CR 500

Here is a great photo of a beautifully restored Husqvarna two-stroke CR 500 motocross bike with wheels provided by Wheelwise Engineering.

This has been described as a two-wheeled rocket with outstanding power, great suspension thanks to the Ohlin shock absorbers and certainly not for novices!

The photo is now in our Motorcycle Gallery.

1972 Kawasaki Z1

Here are some pictures of a beautifully restored 1972 Kawasaki Z1. It was purchased from the original owner in Texas and was the first large capacity (it has a displacement of 903cc) four-cylinder production motorcycle from Japan to use a double-overhead-camshaft system.

The restoration included sourcing some NOS flanges and having work done on the vacuum take-offs fixed to the cylinder head.

The wheels were built by Wheelwise Engineering – a close-up of the front wheel is shown below.

“Real Classic” Readers Recommend……Wheelwise Engineering

In the November 2018 Edition of the Real Classic Magazine, we received testimonials from two members in the RC READERS RECOMMEND section.

“What a pleasure to unreservedly recommend Steve of Wheelwise Engineering (01403 864533). We presented him with a difficult to find and stupidly-expensive-to-replace rim that not only had numerous flats (major and minor), it also turned out to have twists present. The true extent of the many faults really only became painfully apparent when the wheel was in the jig and proved to be a real challenge to eliminate.

The wheel was cleaned, trued and rebuilt and is now fit for another 60-odd years of service. It’s a credit to both the original materials, which six decades from manufacture still permitted the straightening to be achieved, and Steve’s infinite patience and craftsmanship.

When we arrived, there was a chap who had travelled from Wales to drop off rims, which must say something for Steve’s reputation.

Many thanks also to those who recommended him to us. Much appreciated!”

leish Gamah, member

“He rebuilt both sets of wheels for my pre-war TSOs and did a super job, including finding the special taper roller bearings for the front hubs.”

Bill Barnes, member

Thank you,leish and Bill!