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Links to the Past

Our Gallery includes stunning photographs of some of the beautiful machines that have been lovingly restored by our customers. We are always interested to learn more about the history of these motorcycles and appreciate what renovation work has been carried out.

Tom’s 1911 Triumph

Click here to read a contribution from Paul Gander, who describes the history, acquisition and renovation of a 1911 Triumph that had previously been owned by his Grandfather, Thomas (Tom) Gander. (Its other owners had also included a Mr. Rolfe!) We were pleased to be involved in repairing the wheels for “Tom’s Triumph”.

You can also access Paul’s blog by clicking here.


Tom with the Triumph and added sidecar in the mid 1920s
Tom with the Triumph and added sidecar in the mid 1920s


Since we published his article, Paul has sent us a copy of a photograph of the Triumph being ridden in 1947, from Motor Cycling. The rider is SK “Keith” Rolfe of Cowbeech – so maybe a relative!


SKRolfePioneer1947Article cropped
Page from Motor Cycling in 1947


SKRolfePioneer1947 cropped
Close up of picture of Triumph in 1947 from Motor Cycling

Bernie’s Bike Shed


Zundapp 200S Summer 1960
Zundapp 200S in the Summer of 1960


One of our most valued customers has had a passion for German motorcycles for over fifty years since buying a Zundapp 200S for £85 in the Summer of 1960. Bernie has his own website/personal blog, “Bernie’s Bike Shed”, which includes a lot of interesting information and pictures of post-war German motorcycles (as well as some British machines). We are sure that you will find this as enjoyable and fascinating as we do – click here to access the site.


Zundapp 250S Summer 1995
Zundapp 250S in the Summer of 1995


We hope that you find these as interesting as we did and that they will motivate you to share accounts of your projects on our website.